The Honest Review of Inception


12 cert, 148 min. Dir Christopher Nolan; starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Ken Watanabe, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy, Tom Berenger, Michael Caine. Ellen Page and Marion Cotillard.

The Honest review of Christopher Nolan’s Inception. A grandiose sci-fi action adventure movie. Above all it aims to question the value of existence and the reality of everyday life. In addition, the amazing special effects and the top-quality cast put this movie up at the top when it comes to entertainment value.


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The movie stars Leonardo DiCaprio as Don Cobb, an American who specializes in stealing the ideas of other people. In addition, he does this by infiltrating their dreams. Originally working for the US army, he developed the world of the living dream. This allows him to move about in the subconscious of the unsuspecting person. In addition, he works with his partner Arthur played by Joseph Gordon Levitt. The pair now work on their own, finding the dirty little secrets which large corporations pay well to discover.


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While on a special espionage mission for a business client he happens upon a Mr Saito. He is a Japanese businessman who recruits him to do a very special job. Cobb decides to take the job, because it offers him the opportunity to go back home to America. However, it is something he can not do because of a dark past reason.

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The job entails him invading the mind of a young businessman Fischer played by Cillian Murphy. To do the job Cobb enlists the help of an elite team. Young architect Ariadne played by Ellen Page, Asian pharmacist Yusuf and a British scoundrel Eames played by Tom Hardy. The group along with Mr. Saito and Arthur must travel deeper inside the mind of Fischer than anyone has ever gone.


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What follows is a pulsating, action-adventure fantasy, which makes the films 148-minute run time go by fast. In fact, you can’t believe the film ends so quickly. Above all, a special mention must go out to both the cinematography and the breathtaking special effects which must be seen to be believed.

It takes something quite extraordinary to wow modern audiences used to jaw-dropping special effects, but this film achieves that goal. The scene in Paris involving Ariadne and Cobb, in particular, really shows how special this movie is. Nolan’s direction is beautifully served with the cinematography of Wally Pfister and the set designs are exceptionally good. The use of stop-go motion gets much-deserved criticism in most movies but in this film, it is used correctly.

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This film has a strange correlation with an earlier Nolan film, Memento starring Guy Pierce. Above all, that film was inventive unusual and quite groundbreaking in its own way and Inception is in the same vein. The supporting cast delivers great performances, with Page, Hardy and Joseph Gordon Levitt outstanding. Also, the performance of Marion Cotillard as Cobbs dead wife who enters his dreams at various stages of the film is great.


The ending of this movie has been the subject of many online conversations. Because there have been many different opinions from the actors in the movie.In particular, It leaves several questions as to whether the film was, in fact, a series of dreams.

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In fact,many people believe the ending infers that it is the real world. In addition, the director has been asked several times to clear up the matter. He has sensibly given vague answers to interviews. However, It does not matter what the real intention of the director was.

It is up to the audience’s imagination to decide whatever they want the movie to be about. Because,n the modern world of movies that is no bad thing. This film is excellent. Mainly because of a great cast, cinematography, sound and effects. It also includes some of the best quality direction of his career. Nolan hits the heights of the Dark Knight again. Well worth watching anytime you want to be amazed and enthralled

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