The Honest Review of Blade Runner 2049


This is the honest review of Blade Runner 2049. Directed by Dennis Villeneuve and starring Ryan Gosling. The film is the sequel to the hugely influential and much respected classic from 1982. This review will try to avoid spoilers as much as possible. Hopefully, it will leave you with the desire to watch the film without telling you everything that happened. Dir: Denis Villeneuve; Starring: Ryan Gosling, Harrison Ford, Ana de Armas, Sylvia Hoeks, Jared Leto, Robin Wright, Dave Bautista. 15 cert, 163 mins.

The Past

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To talk about this film, it is impossible not to mention that Ridley Scott directed originally. It truly was visually amazing and showed future filmmakers how realistic and adventurous they could be. Scott created a world which screamed style and visionary elements ahead of their time.

The film itself had many flaws and the director seemed to have several contradictions throughout the movie. The long gap between the sequel has stimulated much debate. However the choice of Dennis Villeneuve as director has been welcomed by many.

The Plot

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This film investigates the meaning and value of existence. Right from the start, the slow pace of the direction and well-choreographed scenes set the tone of the movie. Ryan Gosling plays K a new model replicant whose job is to track down older replicants and retire them, in other words, kill them. The strong atmosphere of the film noir is of course present again.

K has a mundane normal life with his mass produce A.I hologram companion Joi. However, the relationship does have a certain charm. because it asks the question about the value of companionship.In other words, what it truly means. In fact, what it means to be human, the value of the soul and why existence really matters are all discussed.

The Case

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During a routine case involving the retirement of a replicant, K stumbles upon a clue. This clue begins a journey which leads him to question much of what he believes to be true. In fact, he begins to question his own past and existence. In addition,he collects more clues to a possible miracle that would change everything he holds true.

As the case begins to unfold and the clues begin to add up, he encounters formidable replicant creator Niander Wallace. Played by Jared Leto and his ominous assistant portrayed by Sylvia Hoeks, attempts to prevent K in discovering the truth.

The Secret

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K now starts to believe that a child may have been conceived between Rachel and Deckard and that maybe he is that child. It seems to make sense to him and maybe it is what he secretly hopes. He then proceeds to track down Deckard and finds him living in an abandoned Las Vegas. Looking more like Tatooine than modern day Vegas, Deckard exists with his dog and lives the hermit life.

The encounter between Deckard and K which reveals the secret of the case is enthralling and the chemistry really impacts on the adventure. The ending to the film is far more satisfying than the original. Although it does leave the audience having to use their imagination a little.


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Roger Deakins’s jaw dropping cinematography really impresses, from desert landscapes to dystopian grey and blue of the cityscapes, everything seems imaginative and atmospheric. The attention to detail is apparent in every scene and many elements remind viewers of the extraordinary visuals of the original.

The performances are excellent. Ryan Goslings role as K demonstrating his ability to play the character in restrained manner. The remoteness and lack of expression which sometimes is a criticism of his acting style is ideal for the role.

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Harrison Ford’s return to the character he played in 1982 is more than just a token appearance. In fact, it is one of his best performances in many years and his portrayal of an ageing lonely reject works perfectly. In Particular, Deckard has shed some of old-world cynicism and shows how much he has learned over the years.

Many fans of the original feel that Blade Runner 2049 is the better film. It lacks a lot of the idiosyncrasies of Scott’s original and delivers a more than adequate sequel to an undoubted classic. Villeneuve’s stature, as one of the most impressive and interesting of the modern directors shine through and after Arrival this sets him on the road to future glories.


In Conclusion, I highly recommend this film. In Addition, fans of the original will recognise many aspects of that movie. But above all, pushes the boundary again. Because he creates something that can stand on its own as a thoughtful, interesting and exciting film of the decade.

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