Honest review of Minority Report


15 cert, 145 min. Dir Steven Spielberg; starring Tom Cruise, Colin Farrell, Samantha Morton, Max Van Sidow.
The honest review of the 2002 film Minority Report gives an unbiased opinion based on my personal view of the film. I try not to spoil the movie and only give general description of characters and events. I will occasionally talk about certain scenes within the movie, but I try to reveal as little of the story as possible.


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Set in the year 2045 Minority Report stars Tom Cruise as John Anderton, the chief of the pre-crime unit. The crime rate in Washington is zero, thanks to the fantastic new system of pre-cog recognition. The pre-cogs are a three specially gifted humans who can foresee all crime that will be committed in the future. Anderton’s job is to discover the location and apprehend the suspect before they have committed the crime. Cruises boss Lamar Burgess played by Max Von Sydow, suspects that the government may be about to shut down the pre-cog justice system. When they send Department of Justice agent Danny Witwer, played by Colin Farrell, to audit the system their fears begin to grow.

The Chief

Tom Cruise and Samantha Morton
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The film changes pace when during the audit. The precogs predict that chief Anderton will commit a crime by murdering a man called Crow. This begins a tense manhunt with Agent Witwer attempting to track down Anderton. Anderton begins a search for the truth, by first changing his facial appearance and then attempting to track down Crow. He first returns to kidnap pre-cog Agatha played by Samantha Morton and uses her to find Crow. The man who he believes murdered his son years before.


The movie then focusses on Cruise and Morton as they piece together the reasons why the events have happened. They try to find out that the truth could threaten the end of the pre-cog program and implicated a surprise suspect. The element of detective noir is there, and the whiff of the Maltese Falcon is apparent at times.

Future World

Futuristic Transport
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The film has a very interesting view of the future. Indeed, the world shows technology as the all-consuming and imposing master of the universe. Every aspect of life is effect and controlled by technology and the imagery is very Orwellian in many regards. There are also some tips of the hat to great movies of the past. Clockwork Orange and even 20001 A Space Odyssey.


The direction is exciting and fast-paced, and while there are some quieter interludes some of the action scenes are amazing. However, it would be fair to say that several of the special effects have not aged that well. The acting is good with Cruise, Morton and Von Sydow excelling. There is able support from Colin Farrell and a great little cameo from Peter Stormare as Doctor Soloman P Eddie. A wonderful little scene involving some eye swapping.

Film Stats

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Products Ahoy!

One aspect which is disappointing is the amount of product placement on offer. Okay, Because it is a very expensive process to make motion pictures and when done correctly it can be acceptable. Unfortunately, much of it is so blatant and off putting that it can annoy. However, Many may see it as distracting from the authenticity of the film’s ideas.


Future Technology
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The movie for some of its flaws is still excellent. Cruise again shows that he is a real movie star who can perform as well as any of the best around. In fact, his performance really makes the film work. Spielberg direction is fun and fast paced, while the whole movie avoids getting to dark and dystopian. It is essentially a who dunnit and involves Cruise piecing together clue after clue to find the real villain and to possibly solve a dark issue from his past.


In conclusion,Do I recommend this film? Absolutely. Spielberg knows how to make entertaining films which look great and this one is no exception. Combined with the actor’s performances. The cinematography, sound design and excellent score from John Williams make the film. In fact, Minority report is a good nights entertainment. There is also the look at the future and possible problems with the reliance of technology in every aspect of our lives. In fact, some of the technology has been adopted in to modern life already.

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