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Alicia Vikander
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This is the Honest review of Alex Garland’s Ex-Machina. This film is an excellent debut from the director. For the most part, it works as both thriller and futuristic examination of the human condition. Particularly, what makes a human a human. 15 cert, 118 min. Dir Alex Garland; starring Oscar Isaac, Domhnall Gleeson and Alicia Vikander.

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In particular, the film deals with the question of artificial life, and how the modern world deals with it. The stylistic approach reminds the viewer of Blade Runner and Ghost in the Shell. The visuals are stunning and the cinematography is exceptional. In addition the soundtrack adds depth and feeling toeach scene.

The various colours on screen create and define a mood. Because of this, they help create the atmosphere the film requires. The plot, which includes the Innocent Caleb as an unwitting victim, is worthy of more praise. Because Caleb wants to meet Nathan he allows himself to be dragged into the situation.

This film focuses on the theme of artificial life, and how the modern world deals with it. The stylistic approach reminds the viewer of Blade Runner and Ghost in the Shell. Above all, the visuals are stunning and the cinematography is exceptional. Similarly, the colours displayed on the screen create and define a mood and help enhance the atmosphere of the film. The plot which includes the Innocent Caleb. Because the audience can actually connect with him as the unwitting victim is worthy of greater praise.

The Characters

Oscar Isaac and Domhnall Gleeson
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The movie begins with the arrival of Caleb played by Domhnall Gleeson. He works as a coder for the enormous Bluebook corporation. Caleb won a competition prize organized by the company. In other words, as a reward gets to spend time with the brilliant owner. The winner gets to spend a weekend with the billionaire owner of the firm Nathan, played by Oscar Issac. There begins an uncomfortable series of conversations. Which leads Caleb to believe a darker motive may exist.

Robotic Interaction

Nathan then convinces Caleb to engage in an experiment. The company has a new product, in the form of life like A.I. Ava played by Alicia Vikander. Over the space of the weekend Caleb starts to become close to Ava.

The purpose and reasoning for the whole experiment become even darker. In particular, because Caleb starts to realize that Eva is more of a human than he possibly imagined. They appear to connect, after that, Caleb starts to see things may be more complicated that he thinks.

The relationship between Caleb and Ava starts to become romantic in nature. Furthermore, combined with the ever increasing strangeness of Nathan, the reasons for conducting the experiment create real fear and tension.

Ava and the assistant
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The cast of this movie provides an excellent ensemble performance. Gleeson’s character is innocent and therefore naive because he has no idea what is really going. Consequently, his humanity begins to be used against him. He finds it difficult to decide if he, is the subject of the real experiment. In addition, Issac’s performance is very calculated and measured, with a hint of menace.


He portrays the character of Nathan as being a control freak. Yet as time goes on we start to question his psychological and mental state. He delivers a believable performance and the menace he creates causes genuine fear. It is however, Vikander’s Ava who steals the show. This structured cold performance belies the contrast of her emotions and lead to the shocking ending being completely convincing.

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In conclusion, Garland’s first venture into cinema does not disappoint. Visually it is stunning, in addition, helps set the mood for the entire film. Furthermore, Vikander gives an excellent performance and the special effects are very convincing. Similarily, the use of colour is impressive because it helps to contrast the cold high tech vision of the house with the wooded rustic outside world.


The tension between Caleb and Nathan and the subtle attraction Caleb has to Ava causes real conflict between the two. Because Nathan’s world is small he feels the need to control every aspect of it. The outside world feels almost alien and leads to the small bubble of their existence becoming claustrophobic in nature. In other words, the world inside starts to seem very distant to the one outside. In conclusion, the world of Ex-Machina offers the viewers a glimpse into the future. Because, what may be about to happen with the introduction of A.I. and the everyday use of robotics, may change us forever.

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