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The Best Science Fiction Movies since the year 2000

Welcome to the About Us page of Michael’s Top Sci-fi Movies Since 2000

This blog is an honest and unbiased view from this reviewer’s point of view. I am not a professional reviewer and my views are my sincere opinions of some of my favourite movies released since the year 2000.

The blog is dedicated to fans of sci-fi films released from 2000 onwards. We will look at different types of sci-fi films. These films do not necessarily be huge box office successes. They may be in fact cult classics or simply fan favourites.

We will start off with the Film Looper, Directed by Rian Johnson. Further more, then move on to the Christopher Nolan film Interstellar, starring Matthew McConaughey.

The focus moves on to the Tom Cruise action adventure Edge of Tomorrow. After that we will look at The Dennis Villeneuve classic Arrival. We will then move on to the Steven Spielberg directed film, Minority Report.

The intention of this blog is to get other users opinions and ratings on what they thought of the film reviewed. There will also be a latest news page which will give up to the minute news about forthcoming sci-fi movies in concept, development, production and pre-launch.

All comments are welcome and interaction is encouraged with a new Facebook page allowing questions to be asked. The films reviewed will be as selection of the ones I have chosen however, if you ask for a different film to be reviewed I will oblige.

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